What is TempehSure™

TempehSure™ removes the mystery and guesswork from making tempeh.

  • TempehSure™ Protein Pod

    One touch technology with phone timer
    Makes 1.5 to 3 pounds
    Ships August 2017 (est.)* 

    *Follow our blog for the latest info on the ship date.

    TempehSure™ Protein Pod

  • TempehSure™ Protein Pod Plus Tower

    Makes 15-30 pounds
    Ships August 2017 (est.)*

The TempehSure™ Protein Pod is a revolutionary DIY protein system. Expertly engineered to automate the ideal fermentation and pasteurization process, each TempehSure™ Protein Pod consistently produces tempeh with a uniform color and texture–right in your kitchen. Features include a stainless steel, easy-to-use dual-stage oven that incubates and pasteurizes tempeh in a metal tray (no plastic bags), clean design, regulated temperature control for food safety and pre-portioned Starter Culture for simple prep.

For technical specifications download the PDFs:

Protein Pod PDF         Protein Pod Plus PDF


A new generation.

Until now, tempeh has been soy-based and difficult to make in a flavorful consistent and presentable fashion. What’s more, tempeh product is typically limited in availability, quality and variety — TempehSure™ to the rescue.

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    Explore the possibilities.

    What’s so exciting about the TempehSure™ Protein Pod? It helps people make delicious, healthy tempeh from a variety of legumes, grains and nuts, like soybeans, chickpeas, lentils, cashews and peanuts…and more. Flax, sesame, hemp or chia seeds also can be added for more nutrition. Once out of the Protein Pod, tempeh can be baked, steamed or grilled to bring a great taste and texture to any meal.

    For the fair treatment of beans.

    The TempehSure™ System system was designed to make cooking, sprouting and drying beans easy. Plus, we have dehydrated beans available for quick and easy preparation.

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    Enough modern culture to go around!

    Finally – a domestic, quality-assured and reliable source of tempeh starter culture! The best tempeh requires the best culture for fermentation. Pre-portioned perfectly for use in our Protein Pod and Protein Pod Plus, TempehSure™ Starter Culture provides the optimal culture (made with Rhizopus oligosporus) to make the most flavorful, perfect-batch tempeh possible.

How The Protein Pod Works

It’s easy to use: Simply prep the legumes, grains and seeds. Spread on the tray and place in the Pod. Push start. Wait. And enjoy. You’ll have a finished batch of tempeh in less than 24 hours.

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