“G Approved”

“G Approved”

Posted on March 30, 2017

G Aprroved 14g smallWhen you receive your TempehSure Protein Pod later this year, or purchase our proprietary starter culture now, you’ll notice it says “G Approved.” You might wonder what that’s all about.

Let us tell you.

In 2015, after two years of rigorous R&D and less-than-successful results, our inspiring inventor and master tempeh maker, Gunter Pfaff, lifted a fork to try the latest batch of tempeh from yet another TempehSure prototype.

A short pause. Then he put down his fork. “It’s perfect,” he said. We cheered. Having his approval was huge for us.

Tragically, only a few weeks later we lost Gunter to a sudden illness.

This G Approved seal will be a perpetual acknowledgement of Gunter’s wisdom, high standards and significant life’s work that inspired the TempehSure System. And it’s a thank you to Gunter’s partner, Betsy Shipley, who’s still one of our most fervent cheerleaders.

We proceed purposefully in his memory and proudly with his approval.