The Future of TempehSure’s Protein Pod

The Future of TempehSure’s Protein Pod

Posted on January 13, 2017

Joy, John and I would like to thank you for your continued support of the TempehSure Protein Pod and for your patience. We expected to ship the appliance first quarter of 2017. The Protein Pod is making perfect tempeh, but during our ongoing beta testing we discovered some fixable issues that require us to make and test another set of prototypes. Due to these corrections, our ship date is now August 2017. We understand that this is much later than expected.

Rendering of the new TempehSure Protein Pod

Because the Protein Pod is a ground-breaking product, where we’re paving a new path, there’s a lot at stake with getting it right. These delays are frustrating for us, as we know they are for you, but please know that we are very excited about the Protein Pod’s potential for you to enjoy making delicious tempeh for years to come. Our passion and commitment to bring it to market have never been stronger.

Here’s what will be happening with the TempehSure Protein Pod in the coming months:

The industrial design team has begun resolving assembly details and reconfiguring the oven to be more efficient and user-friendly. For example, the door will now flip down, instead of opening from the side. The power supply will be internal so it will use less power and doesn’t encumber the appliance or waste your counter space.

From there, we will build prototypes and review their performance. These prototypes will be tested by two nationally recognized testing laboratories and will undergo food safety testing. Samples will be manufactured and again reviewed. Every step of the way, we’ll analyze the process, test the appliance as home cooks and make any needed changes to ensure it’s up to our standards, and yours.

The finished appliance will also have a cleaner, more attractive look. So it’ll be beautiful inside and out!

By the way, if you are already making tempeh, by the end of January our proprietary organic starter culture (made with Rhizopus Oligosporus) will be available for sale in a variety of sizes on our website. More on this in a bit.


Steven DuPuis, Chief Visionary