Love, Peace & Legumes

Creating a healthy fermented food

Why we created TempehSure™

We believe that a world with less animal protein is a world with more: More care for our Earth, through less global warming and pollution. More humane animal treatment. And more tools to fight chronic diseases in people.

We follow the belief that natural, plant-based proteins are healthier, more sustainable and—with personalized access—enable far more people to eat better and more inspired foods.

We created the TempehSure TM Protein Pod so home cooks, artisans and culinary professionalscould make healthful, protein-rich tempeh in their kitchens with more ease than ever before–and to exercise their creativity in the process. With TempehSure, you can prepare tempeh with consistent results, batch after batch, using a variety of legumes, grains, nuts and seeds.

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John Silva, Joy DuPuis & Steven DuPuis are the minds and hearts behind TempehSure.