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Reinventing Tempeh Making

plant based protein from your kitchen to your table — now that’s local

Join The Movement: The TempehSure™ Protein Pod is now live and available for pre-order.

We are proud to announce the Protein Pod, a kitchen appliance that allows you to create your own fresh tempeh. Our Protein Pod campaign is now live on Kickstarter until April 9th!

We invite YOU - passionate foodies of the world, creative chefs and fans of plant-based protein to help fund the initial production run of the TempehSure™ Protein Pod by becoming a pioneer-owner of this exciting new product. We are on a mission to help people like you have more control over your food supply while helping solve our much larger food system challenges. The TempehSure™ System makes DIY plant-based protein a reality!

Please support our campaign by clicking on this link where you can preorder the Protein Pod or help us raise funds for production. If you have questions (or would like to share your excitement) please email contact@tempehsure.com or call 805-277-5240.

Thank you and we appreciate Y.O.U.

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Make Tempeh. Not War.

A tempeh maker for your kitchen or restaurant

The TempehSure™ System is tailored to remove the mystery and guesswork from making tempeh.

TempehSure™ Protein Pod


TempehSure™ Protein Pod Plus


We're cooking now!

Our Protein Pods provide the optimal climate and pasteurization options for the best results available— no plastic bags, no gray spots. The TempehSure™ Protein Pod Plus will produce a 3lb batch and the Protein Pod makes 1.5lb— perfect solutions for food service environments, artisan manufacturers and home kitchens alike.


A new generation.

Until now, tempeh has been soy-based and difficult to make in a flavorful consistent and presentable fashion. What's more, tempeh product is typically limited in availability, quality and variety— TempehSure™ to the rescue.



Explore the possibilities.

What's so exciting about our TempehSure™ is that it helps people make delicious, healthy tempeh from a variety of legumes: soy beans, chickpeas, lentils, etc. These options allow for personalized recipes and adventurous food experiences.


For the fair treatment of beans.

The TempehSure™ System would not be complete without including a solution for the process of preparing your legumes to make tempeh— an imprtant step in making the best tempeh. Our system makes cooking, sprouting and drying beans as easy as it can be... and it makes portion sizing simple while ensuring timed, optimal dryness across the batch.

tempeh ingredients
tempeh culture

Enough modern culture to go around!

Finally— a domestic, quality-assured and reliable source of tempeh starter culture! The best tempeh requires the best culture for fermentation. Pre-portioned perfectly for use in our Protein Pod and Protein Pod Plus, TempehSure™ Starter Culture cups provide the optimal culture (made with Rhizpopus Oligosporus) to make the most flavorful, perfect-batch tempeh available.



For the Foodies, By the Foodies!

TempehSure™ is a product of love created by passionate people

Meet the TempehSure™ team

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    Steven DuPuis

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    Joy DuPuis

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Love, Peace & Legumes.

A healthy fermented food

Why we created TempehSure™

Our partnership to develop TempehSure™ is rooted in the shared belief that natural, plant based proteins are healthier, more sustainable and— with personalized access— can afford far more people the ability to eat better and more inspired foods.


TempehSure™ provides simplified preparation, best-in-class food safety, closely regulated temperature, perfect atmospheric control— quality-assured tempeh production that you can trust.

Want to find out more?

We'd love to keep you posted on the official release of the TempehSure™ system.

The TempehSure™ Protein Pod
will be available later this year, but preorders are available now.



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The TempehSure™ was Designed and manufactured by The DuPuis Group, Ventura, California